What we have to offer

  • We invite you to a unique hunting experience in Argentina. We are located in in Rauch, Buenos Aires province, where you’ll find ducks and doves, as well as partridges and hares, ensuring an exciting adventure.
  • The hunting season for partridges, hares, and ducks starts in May, ending in August, while doves are available all year-round!
  • Our experienced team will ensure a memorable and comfortable experience, taking care of every detail.  Join us for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Argentine nature. We look forward to sharing the thrill of hunting with you!

About the service

We will welcome you at Ezeiza International Airport and transfer you to the Cayasta Lodge in Rauch, located 200 km from the city. Rauch is a small town in the center of Buenos Aires province, where vast Argentine pampas and natural fields stretch as far as the eye can see. This exclusive and personalized service is designed for one hunter or a group of up to 6 hunters, ensuring an intimate and satisfying experience. It includes beverages, meals, specialized guides, and blinds constructed with natural branches, preserving the natural environment for an authentic hunting.

  • The hunting day begins with a protein-rich breakfast to provide you with the necessary energy before heading out. 
  • During the hunt, you will have access to tea, coffee, or our traditional hot ‘mate.’ Each pair of hunters will have a specialized guide. 
  • Your hunting experience is in the hands of experts committed to your satisfaction and safety. 
Discover the excitement of hunting with purebred dogs and immerse yourself in this ancient noble art. From dawn to dusk, you'll relish every moment.
Immerse yourself in the authentic flavor of an Argentine barbecue, surrounded by a natural scenery. Then, continue the thrilling hunting adventure until sunset. At the end of the day, share a drink by the warm fire with friends at our cozy Cayasta Lodge, while enjoying a dinner full of anecdotes and camaraderie.
If you have a special diet, or you prefer to customize your meals, we can make the proper arrangements. Our service is designed to satisfy your needs.
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