Our Lodge Cayasta

  • Located in the heart of the majestic Argentine pampas, our place is surrounded by vast lagoons, hills, and endless plains that vanish into the horizon. This privileged location offers hunters the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of small game species in an exceptional setting. 
  • We provide a country house equipped with all the comforts and charms needed to offer our distinguished hunting friends an exceptional stay. We have extremely comfortable rooms, each with its own private bathroom. 
  • We offer a dining room with stunning views of the countryside, where nature is always present. In addition, we have a large wood-burning stove, surrounded by comfortable armchairs, so our guests can enjoy moments of camaraderie, sharing their hunting experiences and eagerly planning the days ahead. 

At Cayasta, we guarantee all the comforts that a hunter requires to fully enjoy their stay:

  • From the comfort of our facilities to the quality of our services, we are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable experience in the heart of Argentine hunting.

Hot Water







Serv. maids

Discover the excitement of hunting with purebred dogs and immerse yourself in this ancient noble art. From dawn to dusk, you'll relish every moment.
Immerse yourself in the authentic flavor of an Argentine barbecue, surrounded by a natural scenery. Then, continue the thrilling hunting adventure until sunset. At the end of the day, share a drink by the warm fire with friends at our cozy Cayasta Lodge, while enjoying a dinner full of anecdotes and camaraderie.
If you have a special diet, or you prefer to customize your meals, we can make the proper arrangements. Our service is designed to satisfy your needs.
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