In Argentina we find the European hare (Lepus europaeus) which, as its name indicates, is native to Europe, although we can find it in parts of western and central Asia where it was introduced more than a century ago. Similar to the European rabbit, it is larger, with longer ears and hind legs, and different reproductive habits. Speed ​​is their escape strategy when it has face predators.


As a curiosity, you can find hares hitting each other with their paws. This behavior can be confused with a fight between males, however, it is a female hitting the male as a negative response to mating. Spring offers this curious act, when the hares come out into daylight, although their habits are normally nocturnal.

Regarding our activity, hunters usually shoot them when they walk in search of partridge, so both species are potential prey during this type of hunting with dogs. The hunter will have to demonstrate his skills and shooting speed in seconds, since the great speed that the hare develops leaves no room for waiting or hesitation. That’s what makes hunting so attractive.


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