The duck hunting season in Argentina extends from May 1st to August 31st, offering hunters from the northern hemisphere (Europe, USA, among others) the opportunity to escape the heat of their countries and enjoy cool weather, stunning landscapes, and an unparalleled hunting experience in our country.

In the Buenos Aires region of Argentina, it is common to find a varied and rich diversity of duck species. Among the most common resident species are the Yellow-billed Teal (Anas flavirostris), the White-faced Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna viduata), the Yellow-billed Teal (Anas flavirostris), the Yellow-billed pintail (Anas geórgica), the Northern shoveler cuchara (Spatula clypeata) and the silver teal (Spatula versicolor).

During migrations, the region becomes a vital stopover point for migratory waterfowl. It is possible to observe additional species such as the Crested duck (Lophonetta specularioides), the White-cheeked pintail (Anas bahamensis), the Fulvous whistling duck (Dendrocygna bicolor), the Cinnamon teal (Spatula cyanoptera), the Chiloé wigeon (Mareca sibilatrix) and the Brazilian teal (Amazonetta brasiliensis), among others.

These migrations further enrich the hunting experience, providing hunters with the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of duck species in their natural habitat.

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